Patience, Inspiration and Time

 – Flora

So I have started a new piece over the last week, largely influenced by the wonderful German artist Pixie Cold. I recently bought a painting from her at Christmas and absolutely love her work, the colours she uses are simply beautiful and her ability to capture emotion in her many ‘Eye Splash’ paintings is flawless. She also experiments with make up, featuring insects and animals in her dramatic art, resulting in an absolutely unique and innovative set of textures. Amongst a few other things, Pixie Cold is a large factor in  inspiring me to have a go at making something of my art.

I am most certainly a little rusty and have struggled getting certain details right but I am trying to remain positive and to not let the rust interfere with my patience or perseverance, as it were. I will post some photos up when I am a little more happy with it.

For now, I am merely concentrating on building a portfolio of work. I feel there is no point in creating an Etsy shop or Facebook page until I have a substantial amount of work to display and sell, so until then, I am just drawing and painting. I have also yet to reach some kind of routine, but I am hoping that will come with time.

After I finish the piece I am working on at the moment, I am going to begin a commission-style painting for my other half. I won’t be receiving any money for this, but it is a great opportunity to practice applying my style to other techniques and ideas that I would otherwise be unfamiliar with, and thus improving my skill set and flexibility within the field, which could prove useful for future commissions. I’m excited 🙂

Depending on how quickly I can work, I am going to set myself a loose deadline of May whereby I would like to investigate exhibiting some of my work somewhere. May is also the start of summer when summer fairs etc. will start happening. This will give me something to work towards so I don’t lose motivation, however I am also aware that I should not let this deadline hinder my work in any way, such as rushing a piece and it not being quite as good as it could have been.


PIxie Cold’s Biography ( 

Svenja was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in a creative, big family. She and her five siblings have been enjoying art ever since they can remember and what started as a hobby became Svenja’s profession in early 2012. Art means much more to her than in the times when she just grabbed some pencils and paper as a pastime. In fact art gave new sense to her life and rescued her, when she was facing a rough time, living on the street without shelter and purpose, rebelling against the grievances in her personal and political environment. In 2009 Svenja discovered the possibilities of sharing her art on the Internet and thus getting her formative experiences and expressions out of her system. To her surprise people appreciated her art and within three years she has become widely known and grew a solid fanbase. Her little daughter now fulfills her life and is the reason why she keeps going and tries to establish herself with her art. 

About the makeup pictures:
Svenja originally started as a conventional traditional artist, experimenting with different mediums such as watercolor, acrylics and collages. After her experiences on the street her depicted subjects got darker and more abstract. Eyes were and still are always the main focus of all her works, as they fascinate her and are able to tell unspoken stories. In 2012 Svenja crossed over to the seemingly endless possibilities of makeup art and photography. While she is taking photographs of her eyes she is trying to express her feelings and to make the viewer of her works dive into another world full of colors, emotions and extravagance. She began to experiment with insects, both dead and living, and integrates them into the total work of art. She always treats the animals with the most possible regard and care and does everything possible to not harm them in any way. What urges her to let the insects be part of her art is her intention to both shock and polarize, but also to bring these beautiful creatures to people’s attention and to invoke more appreciation and interest. The twist of combining two apparently incoherent things, makeup and animals, is what made her begin this series – the very least thing she intends is to be a conventional artist anymore.


 – Toxic Meet

– Bees

– Shaman of the Forest

– Inside Glow


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