The background to my other half’s Fluttershy painting… hoping to finish the rest today!

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Avian Inklings

After gaining some recent comments on an older painting (Float (2006)) describing the main figure as similar to a stork, this has inspired me to create a painting centred around avian creatures. In the past I have always been drawn to nautical beings and landscapes, however I am now keen to capture the world of flight. Still running parallel with suspension, the idea of floating and hovering from an otherwise still, inanimate and cemented world, I am interested in the contrast of the permanent and the impermanent. This concept largely follows on from my photography work at university, where I concentrated on critically portraying the significance of layering fleeting objects vs.  inanimate landscapes.

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Float (2006)

Inspiring Images: 


An image from Traci Griffin’s project Mirrors, whereby she captures strange floating created by mirroring photos of trees. More can be found here.


Underwater fashion underwear photoshoot.


A Stork pendant.